Transparency and Accountability

It is important to know and understand who is responsible for what in order to know whether every individual employed by the Rochester City School District is doing their job effectively and efficiently.

In viewing the organizational charts for the district, one notices immediately that the Board of Education is not included in any of the organizational charts.

Listed under Executive Cabinet are, the Superintendent, with General Counsel and Chief of Staff reporting directly to the Superintendent. As well, the Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Deputy
Superintendent for Administration, and the Chief Communications Officer report directly to the Superintendent, with the Chief of Human Capital Initiatives reporting to the Deputy Superintendent for Administration.

The Deputy Superintendent for Administration has an Executive Secretary and an Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent for Administration.

Reporting to the Deputy Superintendent for Administration are the Chief Technology Officer, Chief of Operations, Executive Director of School Operations, Senior Director of Youth and Family Services, and Safety and Security.

Reporting to the Executive Director of School Operations are the Director of School Operations, Director of Testing, and the Director of Internal School Operations.

The Chief Financial Officer has an Executive Assistant with the Budget Director, Principal Management Analyst, Director of Financial Management & Grants, Director of Accounting, Supervisor of Payroll, Supervisor of Accounts Payable, Director of Procurement & Supply, and the Medicaid Analyst. The Supervisor of Distribution Center and Mail Room Staff report to the Director of Procurement & Supply.

There are fifty-six positions that report to the individuals that report to the Chief financial Officer.

The Director of Benefits, Director of Risk Management, and the Senior Director of HCI as well as the Director of Labor Relations, report to the Chief of HCI. There are seventeen positions listed under the directors.

The organization of education has overgrown the profession of teaching which involves the relationships between and among parents, students, and teachers.

Our children deserve a system of education that places them at the head of the organization.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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