We All Are Human

Define: Mark out the boundary or limits of.

Confine: Keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits of (space, scope, quantity, or time).

Undermine: Damage or weaken (someone or something), esp. gradually or insidiously.

Refine: Remove impurities or unwanted elements.

When we define the spirit within us based on our physical nature we confine the multitude of possibilities to become and undermine the strength of our spirit to overcome all adversity.

This is how our current system of education chooses to address the needs of our children and this is the perspective upon which our society is based.

The content of a person’s character is more important than their physical attributes yet we immediately define our children by color, appearance, socioeconomic status, and disabilities.

As children grow, they begin to define themselves according to the same arbitrary physical measures that were used to confine them when they were young, athlete, dancer, geek, or nerd.

The definitions become even more confining in adulthood, upper class, middle class, and impoverished.

Yet, everyone knows and freely accepts that there is “good” and “bad” in every person regardless of their station in life which is itself a confining attitude that has become acceptable.

When we concentrate on seeking out the gifts and talents of all children we do not limit their abilities but expand them by introducing them to the myriad of creative possibilities for success that exist in the world.

By opening up the world of possibilities to them, children become strong in the belief that they can achieve whatever they chose to attempt. This is the nature with which they are born.

This is human nature.

The ultimate goal of education is to advance humanity towards a more enlightened, caring, concerned, loving society. To continue on our present path in education is to undermine that goal.

Concentrating on developing the gifts and talents of all children, regardless of their physical attributes, will refine our choices so that we will evolve into the higher order society of loving human beings we were created to be.

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