What You See Is All You Get

Orient: To acquaint with the existing situation or environment.

Orientation: The act or process of being oriented.

The District began its orientation programs throughout the city on August 20, 2013. The purpose of these orientation events are to “set the tone for the school year with informative and enjoyable activities for students and their families.

Each school orientation date is given however no times, room numbers, contact names or numbers for individuals who are knowledgeable about these events are posted.

Will parents be told of the existing environment of their school?

Will the district explain to parents why their child has a 50% chance of failure depending upon the school they attend and that there is no hope of enrolling their child in a successful school because all the seats are taken?

Will the district admit to parents that the current situation of the district is chaos since many teachers, paraprofessionals, and school staff have no idea, at this point, where or what grade they will be teaching?

The Prekindergarten & Early Childhood page of the District’s website has a link that directs parents to, “Find Your Child’s Teacher. Browse our Teacher Directory for PreK to find your child’s classroom page.”

Unfortunately there seems to be no requirement for teachers to actually post a classroom page as many of the links take parents to a blank page. Fortunately for some parents, their teachers took the initiative to create some very helpful and interactive pages.

Why would District leaders direct parents to “Find Your Child’s Teacher” which leads them to a teacher with a blank classroom page?

If the district sees this information as important to parents, why wouldn’t they make sure that every teacher listed actually had a “classroom page” that was informative?

These are the things that frustrate and alienate parents. Parents can see there is no real effort by the District or district leaders to connect parents and teachers in the process of educating their child.

Our children deserve our best. We are their role models. When we don’t care, they don’t care.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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