Why Our District Is Failing

The requirements of the New York State Department of Education District Comprehensive Improvement Plan clearly state:

“Signatures confirm the respective parties certify that the SCEP (School Comprehensive Education Plan (DCIP)) addresses all of the required components of the ESEA Flexibility Waiver as detailed on page 1 of this document and understand that any significant modification of the school district’s approved plan require the prior approval of the commissioner.”

The District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP) which was submitted two days after the October 1, 2013 deadline was signed by Board President Malik Evans and Superintendent Bolgen Vargas on September 30, 2013.

“List of stakeholders who participated in developing the DCIP as required by Commissioner’s Regulations Section 100.18. Provide dates, locations, agendas and supporting documentation of Local Stakeholder meetings.”

The first “Name” given, Teachers/Administrators/Parents – (200 plus people). The “Title/Organization” of these 200 plus people, RCSD Stakeholder Groups.

The “Meeting Date(s)” for the District Leadership Team are from July 2, 2013 to August 12, 2013 and the locations are RCSD Conference Room, 2W-296-CO, and Board Conference Room.

Are we supposed to believe that “200 plus” people attended each of the six meetings listed at Central Office in the rooms specified?

Clearly district leaders are confused as to the composition of the required District Leadership Team as no “community organizations or institutes of higher education” are included.

The “Agenda attached” column lists “No” for all but the last meeting and the “Supporting documents” column lists “No” for all meeting dates.

The box titled “Signature – Needed” contains no signatures but gives the name of the Organizer: Susan Hasenauer-Curtis, Executive Director of School Innovation and Anita Murphy, Deputy Superintendent.

Since, per the DCIP instructions, both the meeting agendas and supporting documents are required, did either Susan Hasenaur-Curtis or Anita Murphy obtain “the prior approval of the commissioner” to omit this information?

These are the first three pages of a twenty-nine page document that was obviously not examined closely for adherence to procedure by either the Board President or the Superintendent.

The first page of this document should be the district’s overview which does not exist.

Our children deserve excellence from their leaders.

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