Won By Won

Victories are being won throughout the realm of education. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is allowing States to try out their own student evaluation systems and parents in New York are suing Education Commissioner John King.

Though we are seeing areas of capitulation, the fact remains that our current system of education does not concentrate on the gifts and talents of every child and until the focus of education is redirected, we will still see failure.

First the system of education was designed to educate only the elite. It failed.
Then, education was only offered to Caucasians. It failed.
Segregation created separate systems of education. It failed.
Separate but Equal failed and what we have now is failing.

All of these educational systems were and have always been influenced and manipulated by the corporate dollar.

It has only been through the voice of the people that any changes have occurred and the same holds true today.

Our collective voice is making a difference. As we unite across the country, parents, students, teachers, and community members are speaking out about the injustices within the system of education.

The larger American community is beginning to realize that there is so much wrong with our current system that it cannot be fixed but must be changed.

Our children are our most precious gifts and once we instill love in them they will continue in that love and spread it wherever they go.

Once we teach our children how wonderful they are they will see how wonderful everyone is and respect will spread throughout the country to the world.

Once our children know that everyone has a gift and is talented, they will be able to recognize the ability of everyone to make this world a better place for all.

We are making a difference but we cannot stop to revel in our victories. We must fight harder to actually change education and not settle for trying to fix it.

Our children deserve a better life and a better world and it is up to us, as adults, to fight for both.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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