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Ban Fracking in Rochester

GOAL: 1,000 signatures

Evidence increasingly shows that hydraulic fracturing devastates the natural ecosystems and human communities where this practice for natural gas extraction is used. Fracking poisons our water and our air, increases earthquake activity, sickens our families, and stresses local infrastructure. Yet despite this and the continued resistance by the people, our state elected officials have taken no action to permanently halt such catastrophic activities by the gas industry within New York State.

The City of Rochester, recognizing the threat of fracking, has previously established a moratorium on such activities in June 2012 and June 2013. However, this is set to expire in the coming months leaving our community vulnerable.

Therefore, we, the People of the City of Rochester, call on Mayor Lovely Warren and the Rochester City Council to enact legislation banning hydraulic fracturing, the transport of its byproducts, and all other related activities, within the City of Rochester.


To learn more, please visit our allies at R-CAUSE and New Yorkers Against Fracking.

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In the past the Greens have discussed and started to put to paper the idea that compliments this approach. The idea is to redesign the City districts to better reflect grass roots democracy. This would mean dividing the various neighborhoods into smaller districts that would address structural and governing process details while having collective decision-making using consensus to make funding decisions and plans related to all their needs—ie mental health, education, recreation, economic development, housing etc. One of the main reason for this approach is that grass roots democracy is a greater motivator for residents to participate and by doing so to also be accountable for decisions made. This also encourages awareness, diversity, creativity and shifts power to the people as they say. The participatory budget plan would compliment this major change. I have participated in the budget process the Mayor did last year which sounds somewhat familiar with what he did this year. The problem is that he does confine it to more narrow application and the other problem is that it is most often geared to address what to reduce, resulting in fewer recreation services, library services and corporate development.

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