Evaluating RCSD Programs

The budget is too large a document to review page by page so in this blog, I will only review those sections that inspired or incited questions.

In keeping with that, the budget, under “BOARD BUDGET POLICIES’, BUDGET POLICY (6110), states, “The Superintendent’s proposed budget must include the most recent program evaluation results, which should determine continued funding for existing programs.”

What does the Board consider “recent program evaluation” since there are two programs that have offered no evaluative information, one being in its second year of operation?

Why does the language of the policy say that program evaluation results “should” determine funding for existing programs? Shouldn’t the language read, which “will” determine continued funding?

If that were the case, ArtPeace would still be a successful RCSD program and I’m Ready would have been cancelled years ago.


“The Superintendent, in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, will develop a multiyear long-range plan, including plans for budget presentation in both a program-based and school unit format. It will be reviewed annually with the Board of Education as part of the budget process beginning with the 2006-2007 budget process.”

This clause of Policy 6110 alone makes the proposed budget unacceptable for the reasons cited above.

Policy 6110 continues with the Budget Time frame which states, “Budget Adoption by the Board of Education”

Shouldn’t this at least say, “Budget Adoption pending approval of the Board”?

Is it a given that the Board will adopt the budget whether or not parent and community concerns are satisfied?

Unfortunately, this is a given with our current sitting Board.

During budget season, it is never clear how community input affects the budget or the process of preparing the budget. The community is never told what questions or concerns Board members have with the budget in order to determine whether the concerns of the Board are aligned with the concerns of the community.

As well, the community is not informed of the concerns and questions the school community has with the proposed budget.

True transparency would open the process and the results to everyone concerned.

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How exactly does the Rochester City School District evaluate programs when making budget decisions?