Dorothy Paige's Platform

I feel that people's lives and the quality of life are the most important things.

While we do need corporations and businesses, the needs of the corporations should not be put ahead of the needs of the people.

Meeting the needs of the people who live, work and study in this city is very important.

There are many issues that need to be dealt with concerning housing.  The quality and quantity of housing needs to be improved for both renters, homeowners and the homeless. We need to expand the opportunities for everyone to purchase a home.

People need to feel safe in their neighborhood.  We need to work towards reducing crime in the city and to better deal with illegal drug activity.

The city needs job training programs and we need companies that are operating and profiting from their businesses here to assist the City. Those who are building in our city should be required to provide job training and jobs for the people who are here so that they can make a living wage.

We need to protect our environment and be a city that uses renewable energies.  We need to keep our water pure and to not accept Fracking water from anywhere. Our city should be a Frack Free zone. The City of Rochester should be working better to preserve our waterfalls, rivers and lakes and to make sure our community is clean and healthy for its citizens.

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